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Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 4F
(1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei, Taiwan)

SY-HME, Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer
Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

The Automatic Vacuum Emulsify Mixer (SY-HME) has one blades-mixer for high viscosity material mixing and one high speed homogenizer for emulsification. The blades-mixer has scrappers to scrape the material stuck on the inner surface of mixing bowl to prevent dead corner from happening. The blades-mixer produces downward current to mix and push material going through homogenizer continuously.

The homogenizer head of the Automatic Vacuum Emulsify Mixer consists of high speed rotor and stator. There is pressure difference produced by the high spinning of rotor and stator, inside the homo-head from bottom to top. Shearing, breaking, mixing and emulsifying are happening during the material going through homo-head. The emulsified material is gushing out from the top of the homo-head and coming back to the homo-head again by the down force of blades-mixer when the upward force fading away.

Based on the aforementioned description, The Automatic Vacuum Emulsify Mixer(SY-HME) is widely applicable from high to low viscosity material.
SY-RBT, Triple Cone Mixer
Triple Cone Mixer

The Triplicity-cone Mixer (SY-RBT) is designing of three-body mixing chambers, one cone at top, one cone at bottom and one cone at center of body. Because three-body mixing chambers create the S-shape tank to increase the mixing quality and production.

The material inside the SY-RBT is moving in three dimensional motions to allow the material mixing evenly without material sticky in the inner wall. And because the chamber is rotated at lower speed, so the material inside the chamber would not be damage and effect by high temperature.

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