Multi-Blended Machine

Due to the Multiblend machine has function of multi-direction action, there are no centrifugal force, specific gravity segregative, delaminateed and gathered situation. There are more mix site so the mix efficiency is good. The material mixed degree is better than general mixer; trough has polish treatment of GMP standard, Inner trough have no dead space, discharge smoothly, no remained material in trough and easy to clean it; Material mix in seal container, so it will not pollute the working environment or mixed material. If it need to mix micro quantity or more precise mix. it can equip baffle that can shorten the mix time.

Muttiblend machine can choose any shape of container according material's characters (V type, Double cone, Drum type. square cone type, sugar coating type. etc....) to improve mix efficiency, mixed container can be replacement.

Baffle Device
Removable battles can improve mixed efficiency, well mixed in short time and discharge equip butterfly device.

Protective device
There are protective fence, protective cover, ultrared rays sense automatically system, etc.... for option.

The powder and granular high mix for pharmaceuticals. chemical industry, food, electron material, metallurgy national defense industry. biotechnology, etc....

Top Hats Device
The hats capacity is 50% of drum. it can provide extra mix space to improve the mix efficacy.

Control Device

Dry powder, semi-dry powder

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