Steam Heating Mixing Pot

During straight heating treatment, how to control the fire that not scorches the bottom of the pot is the most important thing. Stirring blade rotates along the surface of inner wall while big scraping blade rotates in the opposite direction. Lifting stirring blade is dismountable and self-adjusting type stirring eccentric shaft blade. It provides even mixing condition without scorching. One more feature of this machine is the side scraping blade won't damage the materials.
Straight heating treatment during conditioning. It's major feature is in controlling the fire to that there will be no scorch at the bottom of the pot. Stirring blades, while rotating, the big scraping is at counter direction.

Dismountable lifting stirring blades for assembly, stirring eccentric shaft, self-adjusting high and low position. Movable blades, able to mix and condition evenly without scorching. side scraping won't damage the materials is one of it's feature.
Rejective Oil, Jam

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Vacuum type Hot Mixing Pot
This machine is used for meat products, prepared meat products, vegetarian and legume food ...

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