High Speed Granulating Machine

High speed-mixing granulating machine (SY-GM) is using high speed rotation blade on the bottom of inner tank to create mixing force. Because the special design of tank shape and the side chopper creates strong shear force, the power is forced to move into the center of tank to allow the product mix evenly. In order to achieve the various mixing requirements, the SY-GM has a lot of different specifications such as cooling system, heating system and jacket to meet the client’s requisites.

Mixing→Granulating→Spraying Liquid→Heating→Vacuuming→Drying

  • The mixing forces of this machine create by bottom blades and side choppers. The high speed spinning of bottom blades produce high centrifugal force which moves and mixes the ingredients in the mixing bowl in vortex cone shape. The high speed side wall choppers produce strong shear force to break the vortex cone and mix ingredients simultaneously.
  • This machine can mix wide range of different specific gravity and particle size of ingredients with very high efficiency.
  • Different shape/size of blades and choppers are available for variable ingredients to meet production requirements.
  • The assemble, disassemble and changeover are fast and easy,
  • Double jacket is available. It has heating and cooling functions, depending on clients’ requirement.
  • The assemble and dissemble are fast and easy that meets GMP requirement.
  • The main mixing blades are very easy to assemble and dissemble by lifting it with hoister.
  • The main shaft is protected by special air seal which could prevent the main shaft from ingredients penetration and contamination.
  • The features of cross shape-variable speed design of mixing blade and knife shape choppers have excellent shear and breaking force by which excellent mixing effect and unified particle of final products are reached. Caking, bridging, dead corner and poor mixing would not happen.

  • Conforming to GMP requirement, it is easy to disassemble and clean.
  • By push the mixing wing upward, the main mixing wing can be disassembled and dismantle easily.
  • Cross shape multi-stage blade has excellent sharing power. Using the cross multi-stage, blade can partially cut the circulation flow of powder continuously to prevent forming solid blocks and flats. Antibes able to crush the grains in even fineness, facilitate easy dismantling, cleaning, and maintenance.


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High Speed Granulating Machine
High speed-mixing granulating machine (SY-GM) is using high speed rotation blade on the bo ...
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