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we are specializes in Pharmaceutical Machine, Scrape Tank, Magnetic Mixing Vessel and Powder Mixer.
High Speed Granulating Machine
High speed-mixing granulating machine (SY-GM) is using high speed rotation blade on the bo ...
Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer
The Automatic Vacuum Emulsify Mixer (SY-HME) has one blades-mixer for high viscosity mater ...
Heavy Duty Type Kneader
The Cosmetic Machine (SY-KM) uses two kneading arms to provide strength which compresses a ...
Triple Cone Mixer
The Triplicity-cone Mixer (SY-RBT) is designing of three-body mixing chambers, one cone at ...

Company Profile

Shang-Yuh Machine Co., Ltd has 40 year’s experience to produce pharmaceutical production machines for more than 100 cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) pharmaceuticals and biotechnology manufacturers. such as automated Cleaning-in-place (CIP) and Sterilizing-in-place systems (SIP).
Also Shang-Yuh has ability to achieve DQ (Designing qualification), IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operation Qualification) and ASME BPE, PIC/S requirements for any pharmaceuticals and biotechnology machinery. Shang-Yuh Co., LTD. is to provide the best services to all our clients, and to help Nano-biotechnologies, Chinese medicines, Health foods, and GMP cosmetics manufacturers to improve their product quality.
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Shang-Yuh Machine Co., Ltd is more committed to satisfying the needs of customers from all over the world, and taking this as a priority to spare no effort to provide customers with the best service quality.